The coordinator is the main point of contact for Friends of the Earth Chester & District. They attend North West Networking Meetings, which are normally held monthly and stay in touch regularly with the North West coordinator and the grassroots coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for ensuring the group is aware of and stays aligned with the terms set out in the Trademark Licence Agreement. This does not mean they are expected to be responsible for everything in the Trademark Licence Agreement (including the terms set out in the Local Group Charter), nor is solely the coordinator’s role to ensure the group properly represents Friends of the Earth. It just means should there be an issue with the group not adhering to the Agreement, FoE will be in touch with the coordinator, discuss any concerns and support them to address these. The coordinator is responsible for making sure the group together upholds the TMLA.

There are a number of tasks that need to be done for a group to be successful. These do not need to and should not all be the responsibility of the coordinator. This does not mean they cannot be, but we would encourage tasks are shared amongst members.
The aim is for the group to self-organise and have a more distributed leadership structure

Traditionally, this role is taken on and held until the next AGM..

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