The Stuff That Makes FoE Happen

At Friends of the Earth Chester and District there’s a place for everybody. We are a self-organised group and we have a distributed leadership structure.

We aim to keep things light and accessible and include as many people as possible in the running of the group, allowing people to take on tasks that suit them and feel achievable. Working together as a team is the bedrock of any successful group!

Here’s a list of some of the tasks that we may require as a function group. As you’d expect, some of these cross over but that’s sort of a-given.

The idea is that these roles are all rather fluid and may change hands at almost any time as required.


• Organising the monthly meeting venue • Inviting speakers • Facilitating our meetings • Managing the group communications channel – adding new people, removing departed people. • Receiving Feedback and updates from FOE •

Group Health

• Maintaining existing membership • Welcoming and supporting new members • Managing our Action Network account • Looking for training opportunities •


• Organising events • Managing the group’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok (Get us being down with the kids) • Helping maintain this website • Hold relationships with the local media • Write press releases and contributions to the local media • Designing stalls and public facing big materials (like posters and props) • Graphic design and material layout • Putting together a group newsletter •

Policy and procedural

 • Safeguarding lead • Checking insurance •  


• Campaign planning and leadership • Designing actions and stunts • Building relationships within the community/with other groups • Doing research • Policy expertise • Campaign spokesperson • Group representative on/in other meetings/groups •


• Looking out for members’ wellbeing • Seeking support from FOE staff or peers • Organising socials • Celebrating our hopefully inevitable successes •

And all sorts of other stuff

Could you be the one to take on the challenge?

If the answer is yes, drop an email to

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